Lapse It Privacy Policy

The following policy applies ONLY to the Lapse It Social Gallery, when using Lapse It you are not required to use the social gallery service in any way, you are not required to register, or to present any personal information and we don't have any ownership or information about videos you share in social networks other than the Lapse It Gallery.

Collected Information

Lapse It Social Gallery requires a user registration that will be connected to your email address, optionally you can also add your first and last name, as well as your location. These information ( excluding email ) will be displayed on your public profile.

The only information we actively will use is your email as when you upload videos to the Lapse It Gallery the information of the video will be sent.

Upload and Storage service

When you upload a video you agree that it might be seen publicly and there are no licences applied, this means that our team can feature and share at our social pages and other users may share with their friends.

If you have any further question please contact us at